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Claim Paid = $211,395
Insurer AIA
Claim Paid = $564,000
Insurer Zurich
Claim Paid = $127,334
Insurer MLC
Claim Paid = $57,221
Insurer TAL
Claim Paid = $1,285,215
Insurer BT
Claim Paid = $1,100,000
Insurer Asteron

Our goal is to put the right amount of money, into the right hands at the right time.

The Keyman Financial Services team has over 50 years combined experience and have dedicated staff to look after all aspects of your portfolio.


Terry Johnson

Director of Keyman Financial Services

We can provide advice across a broad range of providers, including:



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We are not in the business of selling insurance policies – we are in the business of providing outstanding advice which is individually tailored to suit your goals and your budget.

I cannot think of a smarter financial decision then to get advice on how best to protect everything you and your family have worked hard for.

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Client Testimonials

"…And handed me an envelope, it was a payment from an insurance company paying out on Shelly's policy...the amount doesn't matter but I will say… "bye bye mortgage" I think this is the moment Terry saviours. The look on the persons face when he gets to deliver this piece of paper that signifies the end of worries.. To Terry Johnson I shall always be indebted to you"
"Following a workplace accident I contacted KFS. Terry & his team kept me informed at all times & have no hesitation to help me anytime I have contacted them. You can be assured that you'll be well looked after by KFS"
“Over the years of claiming for work related injuries, we have developed a friendship and high level of respect for the team for all the hard work they've put in - we'll be forever grateful for always going above and beyond to help us out”
Rina & Jim

We can provide advice across a broad range of providers, including:

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