Recent Claims

Claim Paid = $127,334
Insurer MLC
Claim Paid = $564,000
Insurer Zurich
Claim Paid = $1,285,215
Insurer BT
Claim Paid = $57,221
Insurer TAL
Claim Paid = $211,395
Insurer AIA
Claim Paid = $1,100,000
Insurer Asteron

About Us

Keyman Financial Services was established in 2009 with guiding principles of – the client is at the forefront of all we do.

The client is the centre of our world and our job is to take care of them at all stages of the process – especially at claim time.

Terry Johnson

Director of Keyman Financial Services

We make complex advice simple to understand and we back our clients 100%.

  • Terry Johnson is the Director and head adviser. He has over 15 years’ experience in providing advice on business and personal insurance matters.
  • Terry’s sole focus is to provide the services of a risk insurance specialist. Terry is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table – the peak international body of risk insurance professionals and represents the top 5% of the world’s risk insurance professionals.

Terry also sits on the advisory board of a major insurance company and helps with policy direction, client service standards and policy improvement matters.

The Keyman Financial Services team has over 50 years combined experience and have dedicated staff to look after all aspects of your portfolio. From claims to simple servicing requirements – our motto is – you never need to talk to the insurance company.

We can provide advice across a broad range of providers, including:

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