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Income Protection

Why is it that we do not think twice about insuring our cars, our homes our contents?

The fact is, the income that your work generates allows you to have all these things the first place.

The ability to work and create an income is your greatest asset. If your family is reliant upon your income, it is critical that you insure this income if you cannot work due to sickness or injury.

Common Misconceptions

I am covered under workers compensation anyway?

If you think you are properly covered under workers compensation, think again. This is the equivalent of having home insurance that only covers the house whilst you’re actually at home. Imagine if your home insurance didn’t pay whilst you were not home. Workers compensation only covers you for injuries sustained whilst at work-it usually doesn’t provide for sickness or injuries sustained whilst not at work.

Income protection provides 24/7 coverage and pays out upon sickness or injury.

I have income protection with my bank – I took it out when I started my mortgage.

These polices usually are designed to only pay the loan repayments – what about the bills, what about putting food on the table. Policies available in the marketplace range from very poor quality which may not provide the right coverage when needed to over the top, high cost policies which provide coverage for things you may never need.

With over 200 policy options available in the market place, it is critical that you get the right advice.

We can provide advice across a broad range of providers, including:

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