Recent Claims

Claim Paid = $1,100,000
Insurer Asteron
Claim Paid = $127,334
Insurer MLC
Claim Paid = $1,285,215
Insurer BT
Claim Paid = $57,221
Insurer TAL
Claim Paid = $211,395
Insurer AIA
Claim Paid = $564,000
Insurer Zurich

Recent Claims

Claims is why we are in the business. If the policies do not perform the role they are designed to, when needed, there is little point in.

Our way of doing business is a crucial component in ensuring that the policies work as they are designed to.

We are very careful to ensure your polices are underwritten properly so any issues that could affect claims is sorted out prior to you commencing the protection coverage.

We have assisted our clients in claiming over $7,500,000 in benefits over the last few years. This is more than just a number. This number represents the ability for families to stay in their homes, to payout debts, to ensure all their hard work over many years survives. It allows the families to live in dignity.

Gender Year of Claim Occupation Age Insurance Claim Reason Total Amount Recieved on Claim
M 2012 Franchise Owner 42 Income Protection Fractured Ankle $8,713
M 2014 Landscaper 32 Income Protection Broken Wrist $10,066
M 2011-ongoing Sales Representative 55 Income Protection Torn Discs in Back $211,395
F 2014 Doctor (GP) 43 Income Protection Ligament & Soft Tissue Injury – Car Accident $32,993
M 2012 Sales Representative 57 Income Protection Broken Rib $16,000
M 2013 Earthmoving Equip. Operator 70 Living Expenses Broken Ankle $7,032
M 2011 Panel Beater 51 Income Protection Torn Rotator Cuff $89,460
M 2013 Insurance Broker 65 TPD Cover Parkinson’s $76,859
M 2008 Accountant 58 Trauma Cover Prostate Cancer $142,713
M 2011 Insurance Broker 54 TPD Cover Victim of Crime $310,826
M 2011 Lawyer 58 TPD Cover Parkinson’s $23,761
M 2012 Light Manual Worker 49 TPD Cover Colon Cancer $55,236.00
M 2007 Manual Worker 32 TPD Cover Parkinson’s $1,100,000
M 2011 Carpenter 40 Income Protection Broken Ankle $16,034
F 2012 Restaurant Manager 51 Income Protection Breast Cancer $34,287
M 2010-ongoing Stone Mason 56 Income Protection Bilateral Knee Replacement $81,660
F 2009-ongoing Retail Manager 42 Income Protection Medical Procedure Complications $127,334
M 2014 Computer Consultant 56 Trauma Cover Melanoma $564,000
F 2015 Financial Controller 49 Life Cover Deep Vein Thrombosis $1,430,212
M 2014-2015 Plumber 44 Income Protection Torn Tendon in Shoulder $57,221

If you have doubt as to the value of this type of insurance – Think again. These Protection Plans do work. We are actively involved in all claims made for and by our clients. They do pay – usually at critical times when money is needed most by families.

We can provide advice across a broad range of providers, including:

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