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Trauma or Critical
illness Insurance

How many charity events have you attended to help raise money to help a sick person from your work or school?

If you’re like me, I attend at least one of these  a year.

The poor person has been diagnosed with cancer, going through chemo and has a couple of kids at home. The poor partner has also been looking after the kids, taking their partner to treatment and trying to work as well. There is no need for this to occur.

Trauma or critical illness insurance allows a lump sum payment to be made upon diagnosis of a severe medical condition.  Most of the better policies provide coverage for up to 60 specified health events but the most commonly claimed on events are for cancer, heart attack, heart surgery and strokes. I call Trauma insurance – choice insurance.

At the worst possible time of your life, the policy provides you with money. Money provides choice. The choice to take time off work, the choice for your partner to take time off work, the choice to get the best treatment.

If your anything like me, I would want no one but me to be there supporting my partner when she is sick. How can I do this and run my business- simple- choice insurance. Trauma insurance is one of the least known policies and it’s estimated that only 1 on 50 people have trauma coverage.

Our complete advice allows you to at least be told about this policy and that it is available and how much it costs.

Common Misconceptions

I think I have this through my superannuation.

No you do not. It is not possible to have this coverage through superanntion. It is a specific policy that needs to be set up.

But I have life insurance and TPD insurance

Trauma insurance pays out whilst you’re still alive –life insurance pays out when you’re gone. TPD insurance pays out when you cannot work-ever again. Most people who survive a trauma illness such as cancer or heart attack can go back to work at some point -thus rendering the TPD useless.

We can provide advice across a broad range of providers, including:

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